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Dopamine Podcast

Dopamine is a podcast featuring four girlfriends; Judith Otala, Gloria Nanfuka, Liz Karungi and Linda Mwesigwa, creating a space and an opportunity to talk about adulting growing pains in East Africa.

Created by Judith Otala   Produced by 8 Media Uganda

Jul 21, 2020

If you're a Ugandan within the 25-35 age bracket and haven't heard of The Lantern Meet before, we are straight up judging you. The Lantern Meet introduced and set the stage for artistic expression through words. Over the years the group has changed but what has not changed is their love for the African Story. On this episode, we speak to Amooti Wobusobozi of Ibua Journal about the work they are doing in film, publishing and probably recitals! We talk about the evolution of the foundation into Ibua Journal.